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volunteer4Volunteering at StageCrafters Productions can be an exciting and wonderful first step into your local theater experience.  There is so much more to what goes into making a successful production.  Painting, customer service and even sound effects design are important tasks required to the presentation of a professional quality production.  Here are some of the opportunities that volunteers can experience at SPC.


Have you been bit by the acting bug?  SPC holds open auditions (link to Auditions) for all local productions.  If you can sum up the hutzpah, or if you are an experienced actor, everyone is welcome to give working on the stage a go.

SPC is always looking for new and bright ideas.  If you have a script to submit or would like to be considered for a directing position please contact us.  Directing Candidates must have previous  theatrical experience.  Qualified candidates will also have volunteered at the level of Stage Manager for at least on SPC production.

Back Stage

volunteer2It is as easy as grabbing a brush, or swinging a hammer.  Construction is a big part of any play.  Set construction is a wonderful way to start a theatrical career or hobby.  Basic carpentry and painting skills are all you need.  And if you don’t have those, we will train you.  Meet new friends and be a part of a performance company on the scenery crew.

Simple alterations or full scale garment construction are some of what costume volunteers may do.  Also, you may find yourself running to the Army/Navy or second hand store to find those little gems that will make the characters look just right.

Tech Booth

All productions require lighting and sound techs to keep the show moving.  Working in a community theater has its own reward in making the tech work the best for any production.  There would be some training involved.

Stage Manager
volunteer3The Stage Manager is the go between for the director, actors and techs.  Recording all blocking during rehearsals and keeping add lists for new tech or effects needed.  Helping the cast run lines may fall from time to time under the stage managers tent.  At SPC depending on production size the Stage Manger may or may not “call” the show.  The stage manager will help backstage with props and scenery.  Ultimately the Stage Manger is where the buck stops when it comes to mounting and running the show.  This position is not for a novice or the faint of heart.

FOH – Front of House

House duties are as wide as anything involved in any production.  Because House Staff are the first thing that the theater’s patron interacts with, they make the first impression.  Being on the House Team requires professionalism and courtesy.  Box Office, Usher, or working the Snack Stand, all require patience and an understanding of customer services.


Contact StageCrafters Productions for more information on volunteering.